Traktor Kontrol Z1 not recognised on Ableton Live 10 on MacBook Air M2 (Ventura 12.3)

fflowzy Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


I've recently purchased a Traktor Kontrol Z1 second-hand.

When I've gone to plug it into my laptop it flashes momentarily then goes off again. My laptop is picking it up in audio but when I go to MIDI port on Ableton, it's not coming up.

I have tried downloading the Audio 2 DJ driver but this is not installing and says 'Installation Failed. Contact Software Manufacturer'.

I am also wondering if it's the USB connection and have just bought a USB-C - USB 2.0 port adapter...

Can anyone tell me why the Audio 2 DJ driver will not install? I feel like this might be the issue but also... if anyone has any other ideas, I would greatly appreciate this!

I've got a gig coming up soon and need to get practicing!

fflowzy x


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