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Software like Virtual DJ and DJay Pro AI come with fully-functional official mappings for a variety of controllers out of the box. They consistently work better than whatever .tsi file I can find online for Traktor, and the selections in Traktor are laughably out-of-date with a variety of controllers listed that haven't been made in years, and nothing you can even buy currently.

This seems like pretty low-hanging fruit to significantly improve the product. Can't y'all just buy a few Rane, Reloop, Pioneer, and other mixers/controllers, map them well, and have them properly set up out-of-the-box? Right now NI doesn't even sell a DJ Mixer, if you want to do a DVS set up you need to go to the used market for an old NI model. The easiest solution really is for NI just to admit they aren't going to release a proper mixer and do what I imagine is a week of work to support the most popular hardware.



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    I agree with you. I have addressed this issue on many forums but there is no solution. native won't do anything you ask. now it is better to switch to serato or rekordbox to use more modern hardware. I am very disappointed .

    i work with turntables and timecode, i used z2 for 10 years but now its dead. new does not exist . the whole community has been asking for a new battle mixer for years. this will never come. mapping traktor on rane or pioneer mixer is a problem because it is very difficult and native does not release original mappings even for a free. this is the ugly reality.

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    yeah, the killer for me with Serato is the sound quality sucks - I don't know what they do under the hood but it's very compressed to the point of audible distortion on a few mixers I've tried. Traktor still has best sound quality by far, but DJay Pro is pretty damn close and works with basically everything so I pretty much use that 90% of them time.

    This is my main gripe with Traktor, I'd likely use it a lot more if - ya know - anybody bothered to map controllers correctly. Such an incredibly easy lift to bring in way more customers to the business. It's kinda mind-blowing they haven't done something so trivial yet are still trying to add "features" nobody wants. Just make it easy to dip your toes in with any hardware you have and you'll actually - acquire new users? make a lot of money? retain current users upgrading their gear?

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    Hi @un_is_req would appreciate it if you can drop your idea here so we can track the interest from the community, thanks!

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    @Tellmeaboutit123 I totally agree. very critical period. and there is no time to wait another year.

  • Stevan
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    I believe that most of people who were waiting for the integration are already sailed out.

    TRAKTOR doesn't have a mixer so it would be logical to offer support for most popular mixers out there.

    No need for tracking votes or any special visions. Just go to your facebook page and read the comments. it is all said there.

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    100% agree that Traktor sounds the best by a few thousand miles compared to any others. Also 100% agree that the only thing Traktor ever needed was some basic modern requirements - 1. Support for a wider range of good controllers on the market and mixers (out of the box!) 2. Flexi beat grids and 3. Integration with a streaming service DJs actually care about.

    All this strategy to try and blend production and DJing is not unique to NI and they aren't winning over DJs with it anyway! What's the point? Traktor already has the best sample,looping and remix deck capability out there. The only real thing you could add there to attract DJs is good and proper on the fly stem separation. So, then why the wasted resources on whatever is available on pro plus right now? This might be a classic case of strategy by a committee of non DJs. I'm not sure 🤷‍♂️

    I could go on about how the hell much Traktor sounds better right from when you mix two or more songs all the way to using effects, remixing on the fly and so on but NI won't get DJ converts if they don't give DJs what they need. At some point those of us who understand will also go because those who keep us DJing i.e. the audience and promotors and venue owners will need us to be alot less precious about what we play with and a lot more flexible about what we actually play and play with and... Fact... They care very little about the difference in how good Traktor sounds.

    Now after that heart out... Suggestion to the OP - Please put an official request so we can all upvote if you haven't already. Second, don't have high hopes. It makes me really sad when I say this.


  • ledere
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    time to cut our losses and head over to Pioneer!

  • lord-carlos
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    Which has no 3rd party mappings and does not allow 3rd party controller to map the jog wheels.

    I think you mean Vdj, algoriddim djay or mixxx.

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    And pay £$€ monthly. Rekordbox defo isn’t for me. Check it out though and tell us what you think.

  • lord-carlos
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    If you use it with Pioneer gear it unlocks and you don't have to pay anything.

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    Why? The idea tracking system is flawed, at first it was 30 votes and it would be looked at, there have been many with over that mark and not been looked at or implemented... sad that what the users want and gave done as you asked still got nothing but updates that where not asked or needed.

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