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    NI has gotten much better at communicating of late, so perhaps we could cut them some slack, instead of the constant negativity?

    You may or may not be aware that the 'negativity' goes back many years of many let-downs, false promises, bad decisions by NI that have affected users who don't as yet really see any upturn. Not issuing Komplete on disc being another issue that will cause no small amount of consternation.

    Most of the users are not negative per se. They see and have seen huge potential in NI's product range and see that squandered through neglect and who knows...disinterest?...pass. I don't think many think it negative to want to see that potential realised.

    The audio world over the last few years has moved at quite a pace and I doubt many think that NI have kept up with it in any way, which given 'The Future Of Sound' tag line then shoots itself in the foot somewhat.

    The development teams, in theory, have a reasonable inkling of what developments may or may not be in the pipeline, but the users do not so all they can make judgements on is what is presented and past performance.

    In the case of say the two newest developments, NA2 and Kontakt 7, both come across as not fully resolved and to that extent cause perhaps more concern than would a delayed but more robust release. The disappointment shown by some should be at least understandable.

    If a statement was issued outlining where things were heading and why things have been taking so long, that might at least make users think they counted for something other than a funding source.

    I know that others have suggested more liaison between users and developers, but that appeared to not seem attractive to NI.

    I'm naive in that I think it's in everybody's interest to have a symbiotic relationship between companies and their users, but that cannot occur if any party doesn't want it.

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    Did anyone else not get a VST automatically installed with Kontakt 7? Or Ozone 10 for that matter...

    For reference, this is what Kontakt 6 shows.

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    Yehaa! Kontakt 7 in da house!

    But.. Surprise surprise.. There's still no option to maximize or go full screen when running it in standalone mode.. (At least in Windows)

    Depending on the instrument, you get just a tiny little screen.. and a LOT of wallpaper.. (Fortunately I'm working with a full HD screen.. God bless those who work with a 4K screen..)

    Really, Native, please.. I love my wallpaper.. but not when I'm making some noise.. Focus is key!

    It is THAT difficult to allow us to run the application in full screen mode or just maximized?

    Come on, please.. Just like Reaktor or Maschine..

    See? Beautiful! Fully well-profited screen..

    You just have to enable this little button here..

    The squeare-shaped one..

    Like this..

    So we can click and ta-da!

    It's A Kind Of Magic! 🎵

    Really, please, don't we deserve it? 😔

  • Raikro Scorp
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    In fact.. that little resizing button was present in Kontakt 6, but only allowed to resize to certain limit in the horizontal axis and a little bit more in the vertical axis.

    From this:

    To this: (and a little bit more, but my screen is only full HD)

    Now we can go all this way:

    But.. Until we select an instrument:

    If at least we could be able to maximize the app or go full screen like with Reaktor or Maschine the change in the UI size won't be so dramatic, but we can't.. (At least on Windows)

    So.. no such an improvement for me..

    Let's see how evolves. Time will tell.

  • Raikro Scorp
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    Completely agree here.

    But, for god's sake.. It have been years now..

    There's a lot of people that had paid thousands for this software which in some scenarios is almost unuseful.

    "Go buy a smaller screen" We could say.. But that's not the solution.

    When I first hear about this complain we weren't even talking about 2K screens yet.

    We understand that some instruments have gone aged. We understand that some code cannont be touched because it's mastermind is not onboard anymore, but, one more time, It have been ages.

    People is getting tired, and for a good reason.

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    I am pleased for the update in certain areas, and partial resizing is an improvement. There is an obvious issue with the graphics of existing libraries not being scaleable, but I also think this could have been handled better - and allowing for full screen of the overall UI.

    I would also like to be able to edit the meta data for Custom and User Preset libraries, and perhaps add my own image to make these look nice in the birwaser alongside the NI libraries. To be honest, even commercial libraries, so we can decide how to organise our instruments. In some cases I have imported a library and it has identified itself as the wrong product (e.g., Westwood ALT Piano comes up as "Kontakt"). I could easily fix this myself, but NI won't let me edit the 'Product', 'Bank', 'Brand' fields etc.

    While I am on about the browser, it would be nice to allow the browser to be open, as well as the loaded Kontakt instrument. The only choices are 'Always show the browser' (loaded instrument is hidden) or 'Hide the browser when you load an instrument' (which I feel removes the connection with my library for finding instruments to play. And if you allowed Kontakt 7 GUI to go full screen, for many we would easily have the space for both to be visible.

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    One thing I hoped would be included with Kontakt 7 was KK style implementation of KK keyboards, i.e automatically mapping the knobs to the cc in the Kontakt instrument. Since there’s now so many play series instruments that use that layout it seems a waste to limit that functionality to Komplete Kontrol.

    Oh well, maybe in Kontakt 8 :)

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    @Kaiwan_NI Hey a few questions about the new release.

    Are snapshots (presets) saveable in the nki file now like you can do with Reaktor?

    Is Kontakt 7 working on the Maschine Plus on release?

    Do any of the new Kontakt 7 Libraries not work on the Maschine Plus?


  • Martin Schmid
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    @Monochrome same.. I have Komplete Ultimate 13.. and low and behold, Kontakt 7 showed up in Native Access as an available update.. so I installed it.. cuz, why not?

  • Monochrome
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    @Martin Schmid It's the Player version, though. I was/am just confused as to why it suddenly would appear out of the blue 😅

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    Why there's no old Kontakt Factory Library avalaible in Komplete Kontrol, or in Kontakt 7?

    I need to use Kontakt 6 to be able to use this sounds.

  • Wiseguy2006
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    A few points here:

    1. To help anyone having issues in installing the new Kontakt Factory Library 2 - if you only just installed Native Access 2 you will likely have to manually give it "full disk access" within your Mac's system preferences in order for it to install correctly. For some reason, all of my Komplete Collector's Edition updates and additions installed with no issues while NA2 did not have full disk access. Kontakt Factory Library 2 did not and this was the fix that worked.
    2. I noticed something interesting in the video in the help section where someone from NI is demonstrating how to add applications to "full disk access" in the security and privacy section of system preferences. When he goes into his finder and then to applications to select the app he wants to add - he has an app titled.......Native Access 3. I wonder if NI realizes that NA2 is for lack of a better phrase...a "half baked" update.
    3. Speaking of half baked updates - I am fully aware that MANY users share my thoughts that Kontakt 7 thus far is an incredibly poorly executed update to the engine. Too many unaddressed issues that users have spoken of for years - almost as if NI is simply just not listening to what their user base is asking for. NI please hear this - the quality of many of your release packages from the play instruments, expansions, sampled instruments etc is truly wonderful. However, from a technical and practicality standpoint....a GUI standpoint.....and user friendly interface standpoint - I and many others really feel that you are not "hearing" what your users are missing/looking for from you. Please consider finding a better way to listen to your users thoughts, comments and suggestions in a constructive way that can actually receive serious consideration into how your software develops into new versions and updates. This would be a serious and major area of improvement that NI could undertake. This would not only provide customer retention but also increase your customer base ten-fold - that NI listens to what their customers would like to see.
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    No mention of whether they have actually significantly improved performance from Kontakt 6. No mention of whether they have improved the workflow in any meaningful way.

    In Cubase 12, the performance of Kontakt 6 is awful at lower sample buffers. 128 samples is no longer usable on most of the libraries that I use. No updates to fix that in the space of a year, and I figure it will never be fixed now. Just left broken...

    No update to how multi-outputs are handled in Kontakt 7, so it is still a massive hassle to configure, making it more of a pain than it is worth.

    Did none of this come up during beta testing? Did these things come up, but were ignored?

    This just seems totally superficial in terms of an update. A new GUI, and an updated stock library...All I wanted was a well optimized product with improved workflow. I couldn't care less about the fluff.

    If I hadn't already invested a bunch of money into Kontakt libraries, I would likely just abandon it. It is performing that badly. Please do not just abandon Kontakt 6 users and fix your product. Please make your new versions actually worthwhile, legitimate upgrades.

  • Wiseguy2006
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    Absolutely. Again I'll point out.....NI please, please.... start LISTENING to your user base. You are not hearing us. #1 area of improvement needed in this company - in my humble opinion.

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