Problems with Butch Vig and Komplete Kontrol in my DAW

Northfield Lenox
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Hi -

[1] The instrument stops playing (randomly) as if it's not detecting MIDI information from the DAW. It will play directly from Komplete Control but not from the track. Restarting the project fixes the issue.

[2] Had an issue where the instrument would suddenly stop being in sync with the DAW BPM. (At a specific bar in the project it would just change to the BPM of the original pattern) Could not work around this other than adding bars to the beginning of the project and sliding everything over.

I suspect I have some sort of corruption in the DAW template but any other feedback would be appreciated!


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI BerlinCustomer Care Posts: 972 mod

    Hey @Northfield Lenox What DAW are you using ? Have you tried without a template in this DAW ? Have you tried with Kontakt instead of Komplete Kontrol ? Does it behave in the same manner ?

  • Northfield Lenox
    Northfield Lenox ManitobaMember Posts: 4 Sine

    Hi - Thanks for the feedback.

    Using Mixcraft Pro Studio 9

    I should have used the word project instead of template, as I started with a blank slate.

    I tried Kontakt rather than Komplete Kontrol as suggested, the first issue appears randomly so has not popped up yet but the weird BPM change remains, I can work around that and have looked for any kind of 'hidden' automation I might have added, nothing...

    Might just chalk this one up to 'one of those things', render the drum track to audio and move on...

  • NC17z
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    I'm having a similar problem with Butch Vig and using within Maschine. It just randomly stops playing my looped pattern as if it was Demo and shutting off after 10 Minutes of use. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it with no avail. Just very odd.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Northfield Lenox About the first issue, I suspect it is the same reported than @NC17z, this has already been reported, after playing 10 minutes in Maschine, Kontakt will stop emitting sound. This was filed under the bug reference (KI-1420). Unfortunately there is no date for a fix on this one, it's in the hands of development.

    About the second issue, the BPM one, is this happening only in Mixcraft or does it also happen in other DAWs ?

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