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Is There a Way to "Snapshot" Libraries in the Event a Project Will Not Open Properly?

ShinGodzilla Member Posts: 5 Member

Hey, guys. I am wondering how to "snapshot" Kontakt (6 and 5) sessions in a way that allows me to later at least view (1) which libraries were used in a project, and (2) what configurations were made to those libraries on said project. In fact, a method of exporting this type of data to be imported into Kontakt later would be breathtakingly instrumental!

As for the Why...

Opening previous FL Studio 11 project in both FL11 and FL21 causes the Kontakt instance used in the project to prompt, "The state of some Kontakt instances cannot be recalled correctly. Please open any Kontakt instance to resolve the problem.", and while in FL21 the project simply allows me to click "OK" and open the project (where Kontakt works fine, albeit prompts the same message as in FL11), in FL11, the project freezes after Kontakt engages an infinite "loading plugin" loop.

Upon force-closing FL11, I am hit with an ilbridge message prompt: "Access violation at address 0000~etc in module 'Kontakt 6.vst3'. Read of address 0000~etc.", which obscures a "Missing Content" (Kontakt) window that I cannot click/switch to/access due to the first prompt (which, if I click OK, will also close the Kontakt window) being in the way.

Multiple people now have surmised whether the culprit behind this could be FL Studio's ilbridge, which - IIRC - essentially bridges (allows interfacing between) the 64-bit DAW environment and 32-bit plugins, which Kontakt 6.vst3 seems to not be. (Incidentally, neither is FL Studio 11, I think...)

Note: Kontakt 6 Standalone functions and loads the so-called "missing library" just fine, as does Kontakt 6.vst3 in both FL11 and FL21. The instance of Kontakt 6 used in the original project, however, prompts that aforementioned message.

Please, see the in-depth issue description, diagnostic details, and relevant PC information here:


  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 906 Guru

    I didn't know a file called 'Kontakt 6.vst3' existed. 32 bit support stopped at v. 6.6.1.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod

    @Gee_Flat Good catch! Version 6.6.0 brought VST3 support and dropped 32 bit.

    @ShinGodzilla I assume that you were using an older version of Kontakt in your old projects, using a 32 bit version of Kontakt 6. The best would be to uninstall the latest version and install Kontakt 6.5.3 You will find the link here: Downloading the Last 32-Bit Versions of NI Products (Windows)

  • ShinGodzilla
    ShinGodzilla Member Posts: 5 Member
    edited February 2023

    Hey, @Jeremy_NI. Thanks for the info. In the project presenting the prompt, the x64 version of Kontakt 6.6.1 was used. Side note, I've been told (and I could be misunderstood) that FL11's "ilbridge" is responsible for "bridging" 32-bit applications into its 64-bit environment; however, as far as I can tell, this seems to be more than a bridging issue, as both Kontakt and the DAW (in testing the issue, at least) are 64-bit architecture programs. Would it, then, still be necessary to install the older, 32-bit version of Kontakt 6?

    In addition, I've noticed that the instance of Kontakt used in the project repeatedly prompts the following upon loading up the project: "Content Missing: # of files could not be found " - despite the fact that I, every time, "browse for folder" and indicate exactly where the library is located. This does not happen at all in any Standalone Kontakt, nor does it with other projects utilizing the same library (Audio Imperia's Nucleus Lite).

    Pivoting back to the original error prompt issue, to diagnose the odd behavior, I will copy the aforementioned project file, open it, remove Nucleus from the project, save it as such, and re-open the project. The objective here is to ascertain whether or not that specific library in that specific Kontakt instance in that specific project is the bad actor. However, I have hit two conundrums that inhibit me from performing this diagnostic: to even re-open and confirm the function of the duplicate, Nucleus-stripped project, I need access to the DAW - either FL11 (in which it was first created), or FL21. The former is a dead end since it engages in an infinite, non-bypassable "loading" cycle when opening the project, and the latter is...paywalled, as I only possess the Trial FL21 and will need to wait a few months to buy the full version, which allows users to re-open saved projects. Some luck, huh?

    I'd love to hear any thoughts.



  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod

    @ShinGodzilla I'm not a FL Studio specialist but the thing if that you were using the 6.6.1 64 bits version was used, then there shouldn't need to be the need of a bridge at all. Maybe you should check your plugin folders in FL Studio, see if there are no misplaced files. I'll put the article on how to administrate the plug-ins for the different versions, since they are a little different, maybe it's the source of the issues you are having:

    Plug-in Administration in FL Studio 11 (or Earlier Versions)

    Plug-in Administration in FL Studio 20 (Windows)

    If that doesn't help, I'll put you in contact with one of our Kontakt specialists.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod

    @ShinGodzilla Do you still need help?

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