How to load preset from Komplete Kontrol via Loupedeck

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Just got my Loupedeck Live for speeding up my production process. I want to browse my preset for example Masive X in Komplete Kontrol. I can make keyboard marco that scrolls up and down preset list but I cant do marco that would launch preset that I have selected. Enter-command doesn´t do the job. Does anybody know what keyboard ect command opens the preset (midi CC can be programmed to Loupedeck)? Mouse double clik works sure but this cant be programmed to Loupedeck (actually can but does the trick where mouse pointer is, not at the selected sound so doest solve the problem). Thanks.


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    if you open kk without a native keyboard or maschine connected you can open the midi tab and learn some browse stuff. The presets get loaded automatically.

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    @Kartagener Did that help, any update on the issue?

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