Komplete Kontrol takes hours to load plugins

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Hello, Just looking for some to help to prevent Komplete Kontrol from taking many hours to load plugins every time I want to use it in standalone. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as I see other people's systems take only seconds or at most ten minutes. I would give anything for ten minutes! Dell, I7, 16 gb, 2tb storage, and then after it loads everything and looks ok in the standalone, when i open it in ableton or flstudio, it says the library is empty and prompts me to scan it again and when i do and it finshes it asks me to scan it again.... very confusing. any help would be appreciated. thank you in advance.



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    How does everything appear when you look at all your plugins in Native Access? Does everything that's supposed to be installed show as installed? When you click on the '...' and select installation path, do those all look correct?

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    Sounds like the VST version is different (older) than the standalone. Check via Help > About that the version you see in your standalone KK is the same as the VST version you load in your DAW. If it's not matching then likely you moved the plugin file manually at some stage and updated the software which wasn't able to update the plugin.

    Otherwise i'm not sure.

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @jgpowers1 Any update on the issue? Did you manage to fix it?

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