Battery 5 - ideas and wishes

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Here some ideas for a Battery update.


  • round robins inside a single cell, not only across multiple cells
  • scalable GUI
  • reworking how zooming/panning is controlled in waveform views, it's slightly unsual/awkward to use - more intuitive handling would be nice


  • onboard sequencer with midi export (could be fun or even essential for some)
  • a keyboard based key mapping view (as alternative to cell grid)
  • a output mapping view


  • mi-os
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    moer ideas/wishes

    • remember last selected cell after closing/reopening Battery's GUI (it currently defaults to the first cell, which often leads to adjusting the wrong (first) cell when not careful)
    • undo/redo function
    • visually grouping cells (eg a group named 'snare' contains 2 or 3 different snares and 'kick' multiple kicks)
    • standard/custom keymappings for common percussion instruments (also related to 'a keyboard based key mapping view' -> see OP)
  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks @mi-os

    Logged this as a request 🙏

  • inmazevo
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    Global MIDI channel (standard default being channel 10), rather than only a per-cell MIDI channel setting.

    Easy enough to set per-cell, if you want to do that with every kit you open and/or build (though please, please also keep the per-cell override of this new global midi channel).

    Global would be helpful. Shocked this wasn't there when starting to use as a standalone drum instrument.

  • felis
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    I'm really pretty happy with Battery. But yes, there's always room for improvement, and there's some good ideas here.

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