Problems with UI of Kontakt 7 Instruments on External SSD (Mac M1/OS Ventura 13.1)

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Have number of libraries (for Kontakt from PianoBook and other places) stored on an External ExFAT SSD drive (which contact does not currently support - fix due soon).

So I upgraded the SSD drive to APFS restored libraries from backup.

But now some of the samples libraries on the SSD do not work properly - in particular the controls and backrgounds on the user interface.

BUT when I copy the files onto my my machines hard-drive the user interface does WORK.

See the example below

The TOP instrument is on my M1 harddrive, the BOTTOM is on the external SSD

Same instrument, same files. It plays samples ok, but the UI is "borked/broken".

(NB I have just clean-installed this instrument and its samples)

Clicking the "spanner" icon - it seems the path/permissions to the scripts and .png .txt resources in in the Resources.nkr are all wrong/messed up.

See the error below.

Is there something in Resources.nkr that is specific to external drives?

I rebuilt the Resources.nkr file (via Instrument Options) but it complains about being unable to pack files - and does some improvements - but still looks like this.



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