Top level Filtering of Plugin Parameters?

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Does anyone know if there is any way that we can get some sort of (ideally automated) top-level filtering for plugin parameters similar to that in Roland Zen Core Plugins?

So something like:

  1. Filter Cutoff
  2. Filter Resonance
  3. (VCA) Envelope Attack
  4. (VCA) Envelope Release
  5. Modulation
  6. Effect 1 (wet/dry)
  7. Effect 2 (wet/dry)
  8. Relative Volume

And then the next pages cover everything else?

This would both lend an amount of consistency across the manipulation of patches as well as give immediate access to, what are perhaps the most effective means of modifying sounds.

(Zenology Image is just for illustration purposes)


  • Nico_NI
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    You can map custom MIDI CCs in Komplete Kontrol.

    You can check out more information on this guide as well as in the manual.

  • rd3d2
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    Thanks, that is almost, but not quite what I am after. I was hoping for something that could be shared by all users or is maybe a future option to provide these top-level parameters "out of the box"?

    Something along the lines of this:

    Novation FLKey / Arturia Minilab 3 – Plugin Support – Hard Work, Persistence and Passion . . . . (

  • JesterMgee
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    It's up to how the NKS files are designed, without someone to design the NKS files and manually place the controls that are important, Komplete Kontrol simply displays the parameters in the order the developer has programmed them in the plugin (which in many cases is somewhat random).

    The issue would be that some plugins dont have the same kinds of parameters and others may have several layers each with the same parameters. Then there are cases of macro controls (which in some plugins do not list as macro but as whatever the name of the parameter set to the macro is.... lots of variables that make it difficult to simply attempt to automatically arrange parameters.

  • rd3d2
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    For sure, but as much of the donkey work has already been done (see above link) then wouldn't it be really nice to have this as an option? I really like the S49 MKII but this would make it invaluable.

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