Kontakt 7 factory library still not working

Jamie Hunter
Jamie Hunter Member Posts: 25 Member

So it's now mid January and still the same issue and no fix from NI. This is pretty ****** but have come to expect it from NI, have been a user for nearly 10 years and they were issues with Massive X, Native access to name a few. I have never had issues with other companies like I've had with NI stuff. Arturia, Heavyocity, iZotope, I could go on. The main reason I upgraded to Komplete 14 was for the new Kontakt library as I had everything I needed with Komplete 13, and it's been unusable for nearly 3 months. This is their flagship product which says it all really and saying it's only affecting a few people is rubbish, just search "Kontakt 7 library not working" and see all the people that are experiencing the same issue. For 2 months it wouldn't even download for me, now it's downloaded but nothing loads and it says the that it's not installed. If I didn't have so much money invested in NI products I would ditch the lot and use a company who's stuff actually works when you buy it.

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