How many people with this error This instrument belongs to a library that is not installed currently

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Hi Community

I am now on about day 10 of trying to get Factory Library 2 working in Kontakt 7.

Please can you like this post if you are having issues the same as me.

It would be interesting to know how many people cannot use this library.

I really want to get this working and cannot even load the ISO from the link provided. I am afraid of sounding like a broken record but I really want to get this working.




  • Jamie Hunter
    Jamie Hunter Member Posts: 26 Member

    Everyone is having the same problem but typical NI haven't provided a fix yet even though it's been an issue since launch. I couldn't even download it for 2 months, now it's downloaded but get the "Library is not installed" message. You are not alone!

  • AndyCN
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    Has anyone tried to get a refund? This is terrible.

  • skingswell
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    I’ve managed to get it working and I am so pleased. Have a look at my comments on this post if you are a Mac user. Its a simple fix that I hope works for all these frustrated users of NI software. I am now enjoying the sounds in my factory 2 library 😍

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @skingswell Thanks a lot for sharing the solution with us Sarah. Just an update that this issue has now been fixed on our end. Please see a solution on this thread here.

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