HYPHA | MIDI Control of the A|B Mixer?

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Hypha is a very nice gift to the community, thank you. I was taking a look at It on my channel recently and was trying to find a way to control the A|B Sound mixer through my XY joystick on the SL88: Grand.

I was able to see where the parameters appear in the AUTOMATION section but there does not seem to be a way to assign these to a MIDI CC. I also tried MIDI Learn but the controls do not seem to be exposed in the same way that SOUND, CUTOFF, GLIDE, etc. are.

I was successful in setting up two automation lanes in my DAW for the A and B volumes but it would be a lof of fun to be able to mix these in real-time with MIDI CC control.

Thanks again and wishing everyone a Joyous New year, I am excited about what is ahead.





  • Uwe303
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    and yes, it would be nice to have a visible copy (two knobs) for the x and y axis so one can midi automate them. I've seen that on other instruments that use an x/y pad and it works, could be even hidden on the option page but must be there. Had a lot of fun with hypha too, there are many interesting sounds in it - absolutely a great gift to the community.

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