Missing samples in projects after Kontrol 2.8.1 update

Harmony Core
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After the recent 2.8 update, I opened few projects and received the "missing samples" message. I confirm that the samples are there and nothing has changed in any folder structure in any sample library I have. The "Browse for Folder" button within the "missing samples" error message doesn't seem to fix the problem. However, it fixed the problem in another project and found the samples but crashing Cubase altogether and the system hangs without loading the instrument.

This problem happens ONLY with projects that have KK instrument tracks. Projects with Kontakt instrument tracks are not affected.

Not sure if it's a bug in this update or am I missing something. I am on Cubase Pro 10.5 and everything was working smoothly before the update.

I appreciate your lightning speed response in this because I'm working with publishers who require stems and various mixes from these affected projects.


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