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Dear list and developers,

I would like to have a fixed length (1/8th or 1/16th of a note (synchroniced to the current tempo)) of a sample (counting from my starting point). This could be located at the Quick Access Area.


This would allow in reverse mode that the attack of the sample (my starting point) will end exactly at the start of the next beat.


Of course I can trigger my reverse sample at the optimal time in my DAW. However, often I use some drum editor with a 16th note grid. To have a reverse sample tight, it would ease the creation. At the moment I need to compute the right length (according to the tempo) and use this length to adjust the start and endpoint.


reverse a high-hat and use one cell with the original and one with the reverse. It would be easy to have something like a mini-riser at the beginning of a new section.

Or can I have this kind of behaviour with another trick in Battery?




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    Unfortunately, there is no 'reverse mode' in Battery, as far as I know.

    But, there is an alternative.

    Record any kick, snare, cymbal or tom sound on your DAW.

    Then freeze the midi track to convert it from MIDI to an audio track.

    And now, the grand finale!

    Select the converted audio, reverse it, then take the reversed audio and put it into the custom Battery 4 bank/library.

    Now you have a reversed kick/tom/snare/cymbal sound inside!

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