(4.3.0) Battery 4 Still Will Not Load Plugins

Mooncypher Member Posts: 1 Member

Hey all,

I use Komplete Kontrol s88, and Logic Pro on a Silicon M1 MacBook Pro.

Battery 4, despite the recent 4.3.0 update, still refuses to load any plug-ins installed with it to Komplete Kontrol, at least within Logic Pro. Standalone KK, it seems to work fine. But it simply freezes up my entire DAW with a tiny error box that can't actually display any words, but essentially kills whatever I'm working on at the time which, luckily so far, has only been empty projects.

Anyway, I figured this was the update that was intended to fix all that come early 2023, and I saw in the update forums that Battery 4 is supposedly now fully compatible with Rosetta, and native to Silicon as well, yet will not function whatsoever in Logic... am I waiting for a Logic Pro update, or a patch to Battery 4 again?

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