Bug with Battery 4 installer and AU and how to fix

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There is a problem with how Native Access installs the new update to Battery 4 resulting in a situation where the PlugInfo app will show the AU is indeed UB2 (Universal Binary 2) containing Apple Silicon and Intel 64 code, however it will still run in Rosetta. I can't take credit for discovering this. A user at gearspace.com called "Calagan" found it.

Essentially, if you already had the Battery 4 AU in your components folder, the installer perhaps doesn’t overwrite it correctly? Again, even though PlugInfo will show it to contain Apple Silicon native code, it will launch using Rosetta. I verified this in Digital Performer 11.21 by creating a new project, opening Activity Monitor, and then creating a new instrument track with Battery 4. I could see the AUHostingCompatibilityService process start up.

To check if you have a problem, do a Get Info on the actual Battery 4.component. If the Creation and Modification Dates are December 3, 2021 then you need to manually delete the Battery 4.component and then reinstall Battery 4 with Native Access. After the reinstall, the Battery 4.component will have Creation and Modification Dates of January 6, 2023. NOW it will run natively!



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    ah ah ah.. you're quick in spreading the info !

    I sent a support message to NI describing the issue. I hope they will fix it soon, because I'm sure most people will not notice any problem. They will just have a bigger CPU hit...

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    Interesting, keeping an eye on this.

    @Georg_NI that may be of interest to you.

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