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All (Devs),

I missed the Kontakt "Ask Me Anything" with the app devs through illness throughout much of December, so I thought I'd try to garner a formal response here:

When is NI going to make the entire plugin User Interface scalable and, preferably, allow for the reorganisation of its content?

Seriously, as I've gotten older - and despite having MUCH larger screens and far greater desktop real estate - it is getting more and more difficult to read the tiny app fonts and the highly-detailed and ever-more-complex Instruments.

This has been commented on as a significant issue for as long as I've been using Kontakt - and probably longer - so isn't it about time the I/F is brought into the 21st century ... now we're 23 years into it?

I hope this post finds some traction amongst the devs and community because it's one of the very few things wrong with the world's favourite sampler / sample playback engine.




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