KONTAKT 7 Library says not installed

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Hello! Bought Kontakt 7 and immediately got a problem. All installed. The library has been installed. I want to load native library. Writes an error (not installed). I tried everything that they write in support. Nothing helped!!! It's a pity. I wanted to get maximum pleasure, but for now I got a headache and money down the drain. Maybe someone has this problem and he solved it ... let me know! Thank you!



  • Nico_NI
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    Did you use the latest version of Native Access? Let us know more about your setup/operating system.

    Any screenshot to share?

  • Budg1e
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    I have a similar issue, factory library 2 says it is not installed but everything says it is. it doesnt show up on the new browser but can be seen in the side bar of the old browser.

    factory library 2 missing

  • bob
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    NativeAccess.xml seems to be wrong with these values (it is still the beta one's, as the original iso nicnt file)



    on windows the setup installer write this in regedit:



    it need to also correct the nicnt file with it if you move/relocate the library.

    this is the working corrected nicnt file

    the glitch was never corrected since it is out. <HU><JDX> are not matching with the installer good values.

    and it give the "not installed currently" alert.

    NI should update the nicnt and NativeAccess.xml to avoid this joke.

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