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S88 MK2 won’t interface with Logic Pro 10.7

EricJia Member Posts: 3 Sine
edited February 2022 in Komplete Kontrol

Just bought and received a brand new Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 (2022).

Upon hooking up to the device to my M1 MacMini (2020), and launching Logic Pro X, I noticed that the S88’s transport and DAW control system is not recognized by Logic and therefore does not work.

However, the transport and DAW control system on the S88 works in Ableton Live Lite 11. Is this a Logic bug? Is there a solution I can try? Thanks in advance for your support.


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  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,137 admin

    What's your version of Logic? Which Mac OS?

  • pranaearth
    pranaearth Member Posts: 49 Tri
    edited February 2022

    Did you follow the setup instructions to the letter in the KK manual?

    4.2. Setting up the Stand-Alone Application

    Enabling MIDI Control

    1. Click on MIDI to display the MIDI page.
    2. Click on Input to display the available devices for incoming MIDI signals.
    3. Click the Komplete Kontrol checkboxes to activate incoming MIDI signals from the keyboard.
    4. Preferences panel — MIDI page (entries may vary on your computer).
    5. The software is configured and ready to be controlled with the keyboard.

    4.3.1. Setting up Apple Logic Pro X and GarageBand

    Apple Logic Pro X and GarageBand are automatically configured for advanced integration with KOMPLETE KONTROL once you launch the respective application for the first time after installing the KOMPLETE KONTROL software. Ensure that the keyboard is connected and switched on before launching the application.

    A dialog asks you to confirm this after launching the application:

    • When the message OSC app “KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series” wants to connect to

    Logic Pro X / GarageBand appears on screen, click OK.

    For a detailed overview of Integration controls for Logic Pro X / GarageBand refer to Integration with Apple Logic Pro X and GarageBand.


    If you have not started KOMPLETE KONTROL as stand-alone application once before using the plug-in within your DAW for the first time, KOMPLETE KONTROL will ask you to scan your library for installed Instruments and Effects. In this case, click the Scan Library button to scan your library.

    If this did not happen, go into Logic > Control Surfaces > Setup. Your Komplete Kontrol appears here on the right hand side. Select it so it is highlighted, and delete it. At this point I would just restart the computer so everything has a fresh go of it. Relaunch Logic, you should see the connection message above.

  • EricJia
    EricJia Member Posts: 3 Sine

    The standalone app works fine!

    But I'm stuck with this step:

    "A dialog asks you to confirm this after launching the application:

    • When the message OSC app “KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series” wants to connect to"

    The pop-up window didn't show up.

    The logic interface cannot identify my keyboard.

    If I add it manually, I can only select KK s61.

    But my kk s88 still can not work.

    THX :)

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