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Been trying to install Choir: Omnia for about 2 weeks now, after 3 emails with tech support it shows installed in native access, and I can see the picture of the library in Kontakt 7...however when I try to load it it says files are missing...I have the content saved on my external hard drive, have had a full scan done of my E: drive and it went from over 10000 files missing to "9188 files cannot be found" support is running out of ideas, anyone know how I can fix this? I have never had this much of a problem in loading Native Instruments libraries before, though this is probably the one with the most GB's behind it...



  • dasfliege
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    Just had the same problem while installing my new music PC. Choir installation through NI Access just got stuck at "installing" for hours. When i tried to install it manually via the ISO, the reason for that became pretty obvious:

    Some of the files contains a colon in it's filename, which is forbidden, at least on windows. Actually don't know if it's allowed on unix/mac. That should be a matter of minutes to be recognized and fixed by NI. Seems like they have never tested to install this expansion to a windows system during QA, which is quite a shame.

    I will open a case myself and provide them with this information.

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    Scusami, ma anche io ho lo stesso problema, come bisogna risolvere? Grazie e un cordiale saluto!

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    I cannot believe this issue with the colon.

    Seriously ?

    I mean I do, but seriously?

    Just a single Windows user installed Omnia since it was released months ago ?

    I was about to be the second one...

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