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D Beswick
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Been trying to install Choir: Omnia for about 2 weeks now, after 3 emails with tech support it shows installed in native access, and I can see the picture of the library in Kontakt 7...however when I try to load it it says files are missing...I have the content saved on my external hard drive, have had a full scan done of my E: drive and it went from over 10000 files missing to "9188 files cannot be found" support is running out of ideas, anyone know how I can fix this? I have never had this much of a problem in loading Native Instruments libraries before, though this is probably the one with the most GB's behind it...



  • dasfliege
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    Just had the same problem while installing my new music PC. Choir installation through NI Access just got stuck at "installing" for hours. When i tried to install it manually via the ISO, the reason for that became pretty obvious:

    Some of the files contains a colon in it's filename, which is forbidden, at least on windows. Actually don't know if it's allowed on unix/mac. That should be a matter of minutes to be recognized and fixed by NI. Seems like they have never tested to install this expansion to a windows system during QA, which is quite a shame.

    I will open a case myself and provide them with this information.

  • Orazio64
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    Scusami, ma anche io ho lo stesso problema, come bisogna risolvere? Grazie e un cordiale saluto!

  • F1308
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    I cannot believe this issue with the colon.

    Seriously ?

    I mean I do, but seriously?

    Just a single Windows user installed Omnia since it was released months ago ?

    I was about to be the second one...

  • dasfliege
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    I have received a custom ISO by NI support and the installation was working fine. I am also able to load Choir inside Kontakt without any errors now. Everyone with the same problem may should open a case with NI support themself, so they become aware that this is a problem and can fix the root cause. You can reference my case# 3608978


    fare la richiesta in inglese sarebbe sicuramente d'aiuto ;-)

  • Orazio64
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    Ciao dasfliege! Anche io ho ricevuto un file zip che ancora non ho installato. Ti volevo chiedere come è dove hai installato i file. Ti ringrazio anticipatamente e ti saluto!!!

  • D Beswick
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    I fixed it by getting rid of newest version of Native Access, and downloaded the older I see it in the Kontakt 7...I can use it now, my problem was the newest version of Native Access...I am not going to upgrade again, at least not for a while...NI needs to work out the bugs in the newest version of Native Access before I move over to it...

  • D Beswick
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    I did not have very much help from NI support, I got this idea from a fellow poster in Reddit, I tried it and it fixed my issue...

  • Ericaw
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    I have the same problem on Windows. Choir Omnia is not finishing the installation.

    Same error message when trying to install with the .iso : error woth file handle

    Some of you have been sent a file that works.

    Would it be possible to share it with me?

    I bought the upgrade to K14 CE especially for Omnia and I can't use it...

    Thank you.


  • Ericaw
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    Also I downgraded to Native Access 1 but that didn't work for me.

  • montesumolo
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    I am on Catalina and after having installed all products with the new Native Access and did not get reaktor 5 installed and all libraries installing and dl slow, I uninstalled all new NI system files from my fresh catalina drive and transplanted all my installation (receipts, app Support folder incl. NI Access and Service Center stuff etc.) from my mojave to catalina drive.

    Now Native Access 1.14 and all downloads and installation of libraries incl. Omnia Choir Library, downloaded much faster and succeeded to install instantly; After trying it for 3 days on an Intel machine and an M1 Max machine with the corresponding new Native Access 3.2. Versions !!!

  • saarang007
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    Same issue here to this date. Choir - Omnia not installing on Windows 10.

    I had raised a ticket and customer support sent me a link to download .iso file. They told to extract this file directly to Content folder and locate via Native app. But the problem is that this file was not downloading with normal speed. Very very slow. My Internet speed is around 200 Mbps.

    Moreover, I tried to download at different times of the day but it failed all the time, so I gave up. The link is not working now...maybe it has some time limit ⏳️

    I have asked them to share the file over Google Drive or something because it seems NI servers, overall, are very slow for downloads. If anyone here can share the latest custom .iso file with an open link, please do so. (The latest update for this library is 1.1.1 released on 12th April, 2023).

    In the meantime, I did try the 'extraction' method they suggested using the .iso file downloaded via Native Access. Good thing that I had it backed up in an external HDD to avoid re-download. But this method did not work at all.

    The issue on Windows OS seems to be that the main "Choir - Omnia Setup PC.exe" gets stuck. The folder size in 'Content' folder does not go beyond 22.7 MB

    Other libraries (especially bigger ones like Lores, Thrill, Mysteria, Symphony Series, etc.) also had this issue but somehow after restart those got installed. Choir - Omnia is not installing at all even after trying all the solutions on the Internet (including re-download, using older (Light) Native Access app, locate, repair, etc.

    It's been almost two weeks now going back & forth via email with no concrete solution yet. I was so excited to try the main highlight of Komplete 14 CE but it has to wait 😔

    I request NI dev team to test library installations kompletely on Windows OS as well and not just Mac OS.

  • manhippo
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    Having the same issue. Have the library downloaded, but telling Native access to install it just leads to endless 'installing'. Doing it manually from the ISO leads to a series of error messages complaining about faulty files (seems to be the colon issue mentioned above). |Eventually, this just hangs as well.

    So the library is fundamentally broken and based onthis thread, looks like NI have no interest in fixing it or addressing the fact that they are selling a faulty product. Or in actually responding to their users. Nothing changes there then. I guess that venture capital buyout hasn't made anything better on that front.

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