Can't use Preset Search in Kontakt 7 and Logic

joeshepard Member Posts: 2 Noise
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I'm trying to use the Search field in Kontakt 7 but I can't enter any text. Instead when I type it fires off the related Logic keyboard shortcuts to the keys I hit.

Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks, Joe

Mac MacBook Pro M1 Max. Logic 10.7.6. Kontakt 7

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  • joeshepard
    joeshepard Member Posts: 2 Noise
    Answer ✓

    Fixed With Reboot



  • Mavros
    Mavros Member Posts: 11 Sine

    For me the reboot has not worked. The characters in the Kontakt search field are interpreted as key commands

  • james__gregory
    james__gregory Member Posts: 2 Noise

    I'm having the same issue. Have rebooted. Scratching my head. Would love to be able to search. Grrrrr.

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