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Howdy neighbors, fellow musicians, and music enthusiasts!

I am typing this note to open up a conversation to those interested about getting the most out of my digital software and keyboards as both a music instructor (piano, theory, composition) and a composer. Many on this platform have far more experience using digital software than I do, so I value input greatly. I am an expert in music, but a novice with digital equipment and software.

I have a S88 MK2 next to my piano that I wish to use to instruct young students about the different instruments of the orchestra. What I eventually organize and set up to quickly access different samples could double for me outside of teaching in my own compositional workspace.

Here is my first issue. I am just starting to experiment with Kontakt 6. I set up a virtual rack inside Digital Performer and opened MIDI tracks for different instruments and different articulations for the same instrument. Easy. Far easier than running Kontakt 6 in stand alone. I think I will stick to running Kontakt 6 in a DAW from now on.

However, as a teacher, I like the light guides that Komplete Kontrol offers that don't work in Kontakt 6. The easy solution would be to use KK when I teach. Except that I could use those lights when dealing with key switches and complex layouts of percussion instruments when improvising and arranging on my own as well. And I feel like the better app to really set up a wide workspace with access to many samples, articulations, editing, mapping, effects, mixing, and so on is going to be Kontakt 6.

So should I run Kontakt 6 inside Komplete Kontrol inside my DAW? Is there a way to manually program the lights in Kontakt so I can avoid using KK (except when browsing for sounds)?

Input is welcome for those who are interested in helping. I imagine answers will lead to more questions and discussions.

Thanks, Chris


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    The only way to have LightGuide working is to open Kontakt inside Komplete Kontrol.

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