K7 playing a Piano Sound Not Loaded

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Hi, In K7.13, I can load any instrument I own whether Kontakt or 3rd party and a Piano sound plays behind the instrument. I do not have any other standalone instrument up, nor is my DAW on. I have no 3rd Party Kontakt Pianos, so it must be a Kontakt library piano? Any thoughts how this could happen? Thanks much.

Here's a link to screenshot video -




  • Gee_Flat
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    Sounds like you're triggering a General Midi piano somwhere. Check the ASIO and audio driver in Kontakt.

  • jshep0102
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    I'm using my Apollo Twin USB. DAW not on. Only 1 instrument loaded. Never seen this before. Controller keyboard has no onboard sounds. So weird.

  • jshep0102
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    This gets stranger. I find that the piano sound only plays when I press on a key on the Kontakt GUI. No issue from my Akai Advance 49. I am only triggering Modern Scoring Strings, which has no piano sounds.

    It doesn't do it with my K5 full from the K5 keyboard GUI, just K7.

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