Kontakt Instrument Bus routing not saving in Logic project, Loading Outputs as Default (insert FX)\

TheDoldrumer Member Posts: 12 Newcomer

Looking to rout and save my instrument busses to custom outputs in Logic Pro X, but every time I load the project, the bus outputs all turn up as Default (insert FX). I've tried saving the instance as a multi and everything but cant seem to figure it out. any help with this would be great!

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  • TheDoldrumer
    TheDoldrumer Member Posts: 12 Newcomer
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    Found out my problem. As I'm using Drum Lab, I wasn't utilizing the output dropdown menu's located on each kit piece in the GUI, and instead was manually routing each bus output internally in the wrench. So as I tried saving, Drum Labs scripting had interfered and defaulted on the menu outputs instead.


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