Any NKS Ready Drum Machines?



  • Kymeia
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    Microtonic is perfect for that

  • Luka3
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    I use drumazon with Freelance soundlabs NKS set so I have access to the VST parameters from the Maschine Hardware (usefull for automation). Then set up Maschine as described here If you don't mind using a keyboard instead of pads, this should work equally with a KK keyboard I suppose.

  • iluvchiclets
    iluvchiclets Member Posts: 16 Member

    Excellent! I love the idea...yes, I'd ideally like to use my KK Keyboard. Just a hobbyist, not sure if I want to jump into Maschine and learn a "whole new" instrument. I'm going to check that out as well and I'm very happy using Freelance Soundlabs products...

  • JesterMgee
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    One of the main reasons I haven't delved into a lot of drum machines with KK is I personally use Push with drum plugins because I can setup Push to colour each of the pads to link elements together then also batch tie these to busses (if the plugin offers multi-audio output) which then allows every group of elements from a plugin to be processed separate.

    Push is (IMO) far better at playing and programming drums than a keyboard. The fact you have both a 4x4 drum pad and a full sequencer makes it super fast and enjoyable to do drums, haven't used any drums in KK ever, I just make NKS for those that do but never use it myself.

  • overlord25
    overlord25 Member Posts: 10 Member

    Checkout Wave Alchemy products which were mentioned earlier, also there is Electro Acoustic from SonicCouture lots of classic kits there with some interesting pattern generation options, and yes those D16 drum libraries in conjunction with Freelance Soundlabs NKS packs are fantastic particularly the TR909, I have an original machine here and it's the closest plugin or library to emulate the sound and functionality

  • Aaron McPherson
    Aaron McPherson Member Posts: 24 Helper

    I hope this isn't too obvious, but Komplete comes with a large assortment of drum machines - from the ones in the Kontakt Factory Library, to the Abbey Road series, to a variety of Play Series instruments, including 40s Very Own - Drum, Butch Vig Drums, and Empire Breaks. There's also the Maschine Drum Selection, which may be free.

    From third parties, I can recommend Heavyocity's DM-307, and they also have the Damage Drum Kit.

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 465 Pro

    Has anyone recommended TRK-O1 yet? That's one of my favorites!

  • Kymeia
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    There are lots of Reaktor drum ensembles

  • iluvchiclets
    iluvchiclets Member Posts: 16 Member

    Thanks for all of the comments.

    I do have some of these, but I wasn't looking for acoustic drums, rather electronic or electro type rhythms, beats. Much like what is available in Battery4, but in an instantly playable fashion I should look into those Kontakt instruments again to make sure I'm not missing anything!

    You know, I think have that too? (with the bass companion?). I will check that out. Thank you.

    Thanks, will look into reaktor. (I feel like I already tried some of those out, but either browsing/loading seemed awkward or they didn't appear in my KK browser? There was something about the accessibility or useability that stopped me...)

  • iluvchiclets
    iluvchiclets Member Posts: 16 Member

    Ok - just had a quick play through that before I leave for work - it's pretty cool! Just the kind of thing I'm looking for, but something with a bit more versatility perhaps? I'm starting to think that Triaz might be just the thing. I'm just surprised that considering the power of Kontakt and KK there aren't more things "ready-to-go".

    I've got lots to listen to with everyone's recommendations, thank you all. The other one that looks/sounds good is XLN's "XO" coupled with FreelanceSoundlab's NKS files. I want to give that more of a listen...

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 465 Pro

    Glad it helped.👍

  • Vocalpoint
    Vocalpoint Member Posts: 539 Pro

    Arturia's Spark 2 is fully NKS and it rocks.

    Kinda hard to get hold of now unless you purchased the V Collection like 5 years ago but it still works great and I use it all the time - tons of awesomeness in this thing when it comes to vintage samples (707s etc).



  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 465 Pro

    One more thing @iluvchiclets that will save you at least an hour or more of banging your head against a wall:

    Using a DAW (including Maschine) the patterns on both the kick and bass sides are started AND stopped with specific MIDI notes: C2-G2 for kick patterns for example (including the all-important STOP PATTERN trigger of G2 If I am remembering correctly). So to trigger that pattern on or off you need to double click on the right MIDI note in your piano roll timeline to create a momentary trigger. A single frame is sufficient to start/stop, you don't need to extend the clip to the length you want it to play - it doesn't work that way. (Conversely a pattern won't stop playing because it ends in the timeline. It has to be explicitly triggered to stop.)

    Hope that saves you some frustration. It's odd at the beginning but once you get used to it it's no big deal. 👍

    Here is one person's explanation after getting frustrated with it like I did too, but once you understand how that works it's easy and I love the instrument:

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