Kontakt 7 doesn't find auto-find instruments for some libraries

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This is an annoying problem I am finding in Kontakt 7, for some of my libraries, it keeps saying "file could not be found" even though I have not moved my libraries location at all. (Kontakt 5 has no problem auto-locating them.) Now every time I try to select a preset, it says this and I have to run the scan SEARCH FILESYSTEM or BROW FOR FOLDER for it to find it again. Very time consuming and makes making music impossible. How can I fix this? I am on Mac using Logic Pro X.


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    @Mynta Does this happen also in Kontakt in standalone? Make sure that Kontakt 7 and Logic have Full DIsk Access: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Does that fix the issue? if not, are the missing files always from non player libraries? Are they installed on a different drive than other similar ones that open normally?

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