Kontakt 5 in Sibelius

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Hi All,

This may not be a Kontakt issue, but I was hoping that someone may now how to solve my problem.

I have asked this same question on the Sibelius forum.

I run an M1 Mac Mini, Ventura 13.1. I'm using Sibelius 12 Ultimate.

I have Kontakt 5 (full version) set up as my Active Device in Playback Devices in Sibelius. All but one of my Kontakt 5 instruments works fine.

The instrument that does not work when run in Sibelius, works fine in Kontakt 5. It also works fine in Logic Pro X. When I try to assign this instrument through Kontakt in Sibelius, it says, Your version of Kontakt is to old too old to load this file.

Now it works fine in the standalone Kontakt and in Logic.

This instrument is designed to work in Kontakt 4 and above. But it will not load in Sibelius.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?





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