Where are keyswitches for orchestral instruments in Kontakt Factory Library documented?

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Many orchestral instruments in Kontakt Factory Library seem to contain keyswitches of some kind that I can't figure out. For example, the Bassoon has two sets of keyswitches based on the visual keyboard display: one, in blue, from C-1 to F-1, and a second, in red, from C0 to F0. (See screenshot.)

The red keyswitches are clear from the interface: they are articulations (sustain, fortepiano, etc.)

But the blue keyswitches, in the C-1 to F-1 range, don't have anything I can see that corresponds to the interface. No tooltip shows up when I hover or click on them. Are these documented somewhere, or am I missing something in the interface that would explain what they are supposed to do? Many instruments have similar seemingly undocumented keyswitches.


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