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Please add filters to Komplete Kontrol in order to make it possible to specifically and quickly search for mono or poly sounds and sounds that have a step sequencer or an arpegiator.

Why don't you add toggle buttons like these two that can enable searches specifically for mono sounds or arp/sequenced sounds, for boths sounds - poly and mono - or only for poly sounds (the mono button above should be able to be clicked three times: 1. only mono sounds found, 2. only poly sounds found, 3. mono and poly sounds found)... Would love so much having such a filter that can be enabled or disabled and filters sounds even better than it is possible now... I do not only want to be able to search for monophonic sounds as it is possible now when activating this mode in the characteristics - I also want to be able to specifically search only for stereo sounds and for non arp/sequenced sounds...

Second: Can you resize the GUI elements?? It is barely possible to reach the previous and next buttons when using a finger (for touchscreen displays).

Also I think that the area that displays the presets is way to narrow and small. I would love seeing way more presets at one glance and being able to select them with a finger on a touchscreen too.

Last but not least: It is not possible to go through the presets with a computer keyboard. You can navigate - however the enter key is not working for opening it. You always need to double click and if you want to keep browsing with a keyboard you first need to click in this field again that contains the presets... This is made so unhandy...

Hope you may improve all of that!




  • UdoBehm
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    If you don't want to include these buttons as on my proposal above please 🙏at least add characteristics then that (always) allow to filter for polyphonic sounds and for non-arpeggiated and non-sequenced sounds... these categories are missing totally!!!!!!

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    There are filters for monophonic (and arpeggiated sounds already in the character tags - there is no specific item for polyphonic but I guess most people would take it as a given that if a sound is not identified as monophonic is it polyphonic (or at least duophonic)

  • Peter Harris
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    As for resizable GUI, that has beenat the top of many users' request list for some time. And some of us are optimistic enough to think it's coming In the next 6 months. 🤞

  • UdoBehm
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    Yes, but why is it so hard adding the filters/function above? If you only want polyphonic sounds or non-arpeggiated sounds you don't want to browse through all of the presets and hear also sounds that you would like to filter out always...

  • UdoBehm
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    I just see that instrument browsing with arrow and enter keys on the keyboard is possible as I wish when using KK in standalone mode. Could this not be possible in VST3-version too?? At least in my DAWs where I am using Komplete Kontrol I cannot press the enter key for opening an instrument and being able to keep browsing (with the arrow) keys afterwards and pressing enter again. I need to double click on a preset with the mouse, which makes browsing with the arrow keys through other presets afterwards impossible then. I first need to click (once) on a preset again, before I can browse with the arrow keys there... Could this be improved so that the VST-versions behave the same as the standalone version when browsing with a keyboard??

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