UI and Library Overhaul: Alicia's Keys, Vintage Organs, Scarbee Basses.

MOEast9 Member Posts: 1 Member

Alicia's Keys: dated UI, why are instrument parameters hidden in a dropdown menu in the first place?

Vintage Organs: can not compete with other virtual organs on the market today. Please let Galaxy Instruments record a new organ library or refurbish the B4!!

Scarbee Basses that's not the 4003: these guys sound mediocre at best per today's standard and they have always been so difficult to use. Does anyone actually use these?



  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 906 Guru
    edited December 2022

    I use the first Scarbee pre-bass on 90% of my tracks. It took my music to a different level.

    After 5 years of using it I decided to give away my real bass to someone who would use it.

    They should build a statue for Skarbye!

    As for the rest I don't use them, but I feel your pain 😎

  • DunedinDragon
    DunedinDragon Member Posts: 552 Pro

    I have Vintage Organs and will use it on occasion when I need something quick and easy to load, but most often I use 8DIO's hammond organ. I never got into Alicia's keys but I have more than enough different piano libraries I don't need any more. I do use the Rickenbaker bass occasionally

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