Strange malfunction of Signal (library by Output)

_NTx Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Whenever I load Signal and I start messing around with other libraries in the same Kontakt (6.6.1) instance, Signal will eventually (in a random moment) make a super loud "metallic" noise, getting the volume fader to red and destroying all my other loaded libraries (they stop making any sound) and my ears. After that, Signal will continue to make that unbearable noise, unless I turn off the pulse engine. When I turn on the engine, the noise appears again.

After I close my DAW (Reaper 6.46) and open it again, with the exception of Signal, all my libraries are good again. The only thing that will solve the issue is closing my current loaded Signal, and load a new one, but at the cost of loosing all my edits on it.

What could be happening? If more details are needed just let me know.



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