Potential Issue - Plugin Alliance Knifonium / Fink - Signatures - Same PluginID

Vagus Member Posts: 393 Pro

Hey Team NI.

After trying to load Knifonium via presets, it loads Fink - Singatures by Spitfire Audio.

Having checked many things, in service center, both have the same pluginid: 4b6e6966.

I'm not sure if this an error in QA for Fink - Singatures, which came out later, the Knifonium presets no longer work, due to the errror.


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,801 mod

    @Vagus Thanks for flagging this. We'll try to reproduce the issue. I also reached out to know more about this pluginid. I'll get back at you when I get more info.

  • ptumelty
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    edited April 2023

    Did anything get resolved with this? I've got the same problem.

    The Fink previews work for me, but when I load one, it loads Knifonium and I get various extremely loud squeals/hiss/general ear damaging sounds, depending on which patch I use

  • Vagus
    Vagus Member Posts: 393 Pro
    edited May 2023

    I think this can likely be sorted by updating the Fink nksf to VST3 - but it's been six months- I don't think Spitfire fancy doing it (they're still releasing VST2 NKS compatibility, rather than moving to VST 3).

    NI/Plugin alliance should have sorted this already, however, there seems no rush on their end. I'll see if I can fix today.

    Edit: First issue - NKS light guide only works on VST2 for Fink Singatures. That's a terrible tech oversight from Spitfire. Let's see if there's another way around it...

  • Vagus
    Vagus Member Posts: 393 Pro

    @Jeremy_NI I can confirm this issue is solved with the following actions:

    1. Backup and then delete Fink Signatures VST2 fom the current directory

    To still have Fink - Signatures show in Maschine/KK, it needs a VST3 compatible pack. I've created this, but I've contacted Spitfire Audio to ask if they mind this being shared, as this involves modifying the NKS folder in the relevant library.

  • Kymeia
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    Unfortunately I don't think it's their fault - afaik light guide support isn't fully there for VST3 yet (at least for third parties)

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 3,471 Expert

    Is it loading the Knifonium VST2 or VST3? The PA VST3 has bugs in Komplete Kontrol but I created a fixed version that works better with the VST3, try removing the VST2 completely to force KK to load the VST3


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