Strategies For Even Volume Across A Wavetable

Wall Bird
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Is there a feature that will allow me to modulate the volume of a wavetable as it glides through the different steps?

I've been using a Sin-Tri-Sq-Saw wavetable and find myself wishing that the sine/triangle stages were a little louder as I transition between them and the Sq/Saw stages. From a metering perspective they're the exact same amplitude, but perceptually the Sq/Saw waves sound louder.

Is there something akin to a keyboard tracking modulator that will allow me to link the wavetable position with a volume knob? I want the volume to shift as I scan through the wavetable range.



  • Milos
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    Maybe you should just use the Limiter effect if your instrument is that loud. And if you want to control the volume for a certain bar or time, use the automation effect for volume.

    Hope it helps.

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