So here it is...Merry Xmas (Excursions for Padshop 2 and Komplete Kontrol)

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Now that Komplete Kontrol supports VST3 I have finally been able to update my add-on library for Padshop 2 with fully mapped NKS patches using a new template I made specifically for Padshop 2 VST3. Patches were converted by Diam using that template, deep tagged and organised by me, and use previews supplied mainly by Christos Adamos so this is another NI community project and a free Xmas present for all here. Many thanks to all who helped me with this.

Note these can also be opened in Maschine but I do not recommend it as most use aftertouch modulation a lot and so will not sound as they are intended in Maschine due to its limitations.

I made this bank because although I love Padshop I was dissatisfied with the factory patches which I felt did not make good use of its potential for exploring new sonic territory. There are no 'bread and butter' patches here - these are sounds inspired by composers like Luciano Berio, Ligeti and Penderecki so expect dark, complex, evolving sounds and lots of vocal, string, guitar and piano based patches (even some based on samples taken from Molly Bloom's final soliloquy from Ulysses - inspired by Berio there).

The ZIP includes some additional samples to install to Padshop user samples location (instructions included). Enjoy! Merry Xmas/Season's Greetings


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