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I have sixteen gigabytes of RAM. If I lower the Round Robbins meter to use the least amount of RAM, it still uses over five gigs. This is for one choir section. If I want to load all four sections of a choir, I need over twenty gigs of RAM. This is without any instrumentation. Why is Choir Omnia so huge? It's not necessary to sound realistic. What is necessary is good blending between sounds in Omnia's own sequencer (which is mediocre). I'm sorely disappointed in this one. Now, everyone yell at me aggressively to get 64 gigs of RAM.

EDIT: I must make one note, though. If I switch Legato Mode over to Scripted instead of Sampled, the amount of RAM used drops to just over three gigs. That's functional for me, but still big.

EDIT 2: I was looking at the Basses section for the amount of RAM used. The other sections use less RAM for some reason.

EDIT 3: After analyzing the RAM used by each choir section, the Sopranos get a tiny amount compared to other sections of the choir. After listening to each on their most efficient settings for RAM, I must say that the quality I'm hearing is noticeably different between sections. I'm not pleased with this entire plugin.

EDIT: 4 RAM Usage in Gigabytes

-Max Settings-

Basses: 8.69

Tenors: 6.76

Altos: 6.63

Sopranos: 1.34

Total: 23.42

-Minimum Settings-

Basses: 3.02

Tenors: 2.41

Altos: 2.35

Sopranos: 0.60

Total: 8.38



  • Sullen Secret
    Sullen Secret Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    I feel stupid. After some digging, I've found the Lite versions that consume very little space. Now, they use about half of my RAM at full quality settings, all together. Also, I've managed to tweak the start and stop of each sound to seem more natural. This whole thread is nonsense. I've had a bad mood lately and jumped into a new thing at the same time. Sorry.

  • Kubrak
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    Well, it tells something anyway..... Many people keep asking if M1 Apple with 8 GB RAM will do...

    CPU wise it would do well, but for using current Kontakt Libraries..... Far from ideal.

  • Sullen Secret
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    Yeah, Choir Omnia's Lite versions still made my system use over ten gigs of RAM, according to Windows' Performance Monitor. Apparently, all of the different sounds get loaded into RAM. I'm surprised that they're not pulling them from storage when chosen by the user.

  • Kubrak
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    That is what I mean. One needs pretty much RAM if he wants use current releases of Kontakt Libraries.... The both CPU and RAM is needed, not just CPU...

  • Sullen Secret
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    What's odd is that they're not listing special requirements for Choir Omnia on the website. They just refer people to the Kontakt requirements. People should know how much RAM is expected for big plugins.

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