What to do with Kontakt snapshots and Komplete Kontrol?

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Some third party libraries have snapshots but they need to be added to User Content/Kontakt which means they also get scanned into Komplete Kontrol which is annoying because they don't work in Komplete Kontrol so they just clutter up the browser uselessly. Can we please have an option over where these are placed?


  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 2,684 Expert

    tbh I'm surprised this isn't coming up all the time with third party libraries that use snapshots. It seems NI have made it so you can only install them in Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt. Now that is fine if you have saved them yourself (and not moved computer or sample locations) but as soon as you add snapshots saved on another computer it is hit and miss whether the sample paths will work even in Kontakt and since this is there same folder Komplete Kontrol scans for content they automatically get added to the KK browser but there the paths don't work.

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