Selectively extract Instruments from Kontakt as separate - to really use them

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Hi guys,

as we as Software Synth and effects guys tend to buy too much at Black Friday deals,

we get MORE AND MORE VST instruments in our DAWs which is nice, and most often useful,

BUT me as a collector edition user spend some money therefor and tend to not use the NI products in my DAW. Why - simple -> TIME

Why time, you might say, time because it takes me too much time

-> so select Komplete Kontrol as a plugin

-> then select the (real plugin) I want to use

-> select the sound I want to use

What I do instead, I open Spire for this and that sounds, I open Omnisphere for this and so forth ..

But I dont like this, I would like to be able to select (maybe like in Native Access) which NI plugins I additionally (next to Komplete Kontrol) see in my DAW.

Which I can use in my DAW templates and so forth.

This would be such a nice thing, I guess for all users ..

Greets, Steffen


  • Gee_Flat
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    This is a very confusing post. Are you suggesting that every Kontakt instrument should a standalone plugin?

  • uisbf
    uisbf Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Yes and No. At least it should be configurable.

    I would like to use the installation tool define for which I like this to be ...

    So I can define PER installed library if it is standalone or not.

    I could also be the same plugin, if its able to switch directly to a certain module/library somehow.

    Dont get whats confusing here, though.

    Right now its just not a very usuable way to use inside a DAW like Cubase,

    with so many libraries inside one tool. It takes too much time while production.

  • uisbf
    uisbf Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    S means standalone availability ...

  • Gee_Flat
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    More confused now!

    I use Kontakt with Cubase instrument tracks everyday. Each track has an instance of Kontakt which means, in a way, each does act as an independent plugin.

    Sorry for wasting your time. I just don't get it.

  • uisbf
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    OK - I wonder if I should put all the pictures and steps into this comment now.

    So with like each other VST - which is dedicated to sth ..

    Lets say I have UJAM Royal which I know is a bass plugin, which could be compared to a Kontakt

    For Kontakt it took me nearly 45 seconds to open, select JBass .. then close, just to have a bass instrument at a track. With UJAM it took me like 5 seconds .. as the VSTs are already structured in Cubase ..

    I dont get whats not to get here - I dont want to waste time and energy for tools which may sound good but where the usability of the selection may be useful inside Maschine or Kontrol but not inside my DAW.

    Thats why I paid for collectors edition and almost never use it.

    I guess this is fair und understandable complaint.

    With Kontakt at 10 tracks I loose 40 seconds times 10 = 400 seconds for selections .. this is like 6 to 7 minutes -- which is crazy ..

  • uisbf
    uisbf Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    this is how I select a dedicated instrument - and dont tell me you are near as fast and so less creativity destructive by using Kontakt or Kontrol

  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 906 Guru

    You don't get what's not to get? Let me explain...

    I'm not that smart :)

  • uisbf
    uisbf Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    At least you made me fully explain my thoughts.

    If this was your intention, it was smart indeed.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    edited December 2022

    @uisbf First of all, if you use the latest version of Native Access (3.1.0) you will be able to distinguish applications from libraries

    Then this little article expalins what belongs to what in NI's universe: Which Applications do the KOMPLETE Content Products Belong To?

    Now for Kontakt libraries, Kontakt is mostly a sampler that loads sample libraries. There are thousands of them and at the moment you first need to load Kontakt, there is no way around it. Some composers make templates in their DAWS with their favourite or go to libraries, maybe that would be a solution for you.

  • uisbf
    uisbf Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Hi Jeremy,

    I for sure understand the technology driven answer you gave, but is it consumer oriented? Of course you need Kontakt as a sampler to use a kontakt library. But must this implicate libraries are not available on its own? No. Its just cause the current technology implicates this and the point of view is a different one.

    And dont tell me its not possible, am software engineer and architect myself - IT IS.

    Then its a marketing decision. AND EXACTLY this is my point. Its nice to have all this Kontakt libraries, but what I said is that though they are maybe better I (meant I) tend to use them less then I did before.

    WHY - it got too much - it takes me too much time .. so I tend to loose interest in upgrades maybe sell the package .. spend money elsewhere and this was my point.

    For the improved Native Access - you are right - I wonder why I still have and use the old version. Guess there was no hint in Native Access to upgrade .. Will do so immediately, then see if my personal problems are solved ..

  • uisbf
    uisbf Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Again at Jeremy ...

    By the way - I clicked at the link of yours - Which Applications do the KOMPLETE Content Products Belong To?

    And the I have to scroll like crazy to see all the Kontakt libraries - I dont call this user friendly ..

    Usually I install everything in complete collectors edition - as I sometimes use things or just want to dig into, but mostly I have my favorites and I want fast and simple access if I want to use them .. thats all

  • uisbf
    uisbf Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    @Jeremy_NI ok installed the update - wonder why my old native access did not tell me..

    btw. I installed version 2 which gave me version 3.1 ... but all ok there.

    But for me -> nothing improved here - now I just found out am right. 152 !!! Kontakt Libraries ...

    And this is the problem I talked about .. 152 Libraries .. I want them all installed.

    but I just dont want to see them at any time .. and exactly thats my (VIABLE) point!

    Solutions would be

    • sets of libraries like favorite A, customer B etc.
    • selectable standalone libraries ..
  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @uisbf I'll forward your comments to the respective teams.

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