Should I buy Guitar Rig 6 + a generic midi pedal or something else?

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I've been using older versions of Guitar Rig software without the pedal for years. I still use it from time to time and was now thinking about buying the newest version. But I really want to use it with a pedal to jump between certain presets. I want my hands to be touching the guitar when I play, not the keyboard or the mouse. So far my search has given me very little information, mostly about how the old RK pedals won't work anymore. Any suggestions for an easy solution? I don't want to do a lot of manual midi programming, I want a smooth usability. Also, I have an old Korg AX3000G pedal, can I go cheap and use it with GR6?



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    You can switch presets with guitar rig 6 BUT the buttons and a pedal if one is on the controller don't work relative or have a pickup mode. So let's say you have a preset with a wha wha and you press it fully down before you switch to the next preset and that has a bandpass on the pedal and that is in the middle on the preset, as soon as you move the pedal it will jump down. But this stuff is manageable, if you just move the pedal before you play, or if it is within a song manage the preset that the next one fits the pedal. Switches should work as far as I remember, i will test if I'm back on my computer. The AX3000g should work, but you will have "only" 5 switches sending midi cc and a pedal sending midi cc too. But as a start it is ok i guess and you will see if you need more.

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