Kontakt 6 will not load samples from converted AKAI Sample CD

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I've just converted an AKai sample CD and placed all the ".nki" & ".wav" files in the same directory. I then start Kontakt 6, navigate to the directory in the "Files" menu and try and load an ".nki". Kontakt does not find the samples and gives me the "Content Missing" dialogue.

In this dialogue it shows me a list of missing WAV files. *ALL* of them are in the location it's showing me in the dialogue, and all of them have the names it's showing me in the dialogue ???

So I tried checking "Resolve All Possible", clicked "Browse For Folder", and selected the folder containing the samples. I then click "Ok" and... absolutely nothing happens ???

What's the problem ? I've just told it the folder the files are in, which is exactly the same folder that it was displaying for each file in the "Content Missing" dialogue in the first place. But it doesn't find the files ?

However, if I click "Browse For Files" and manually select each WAV file in turn then each file loads and and the instrument plays fine. This would be really boring and tedious to have to do this for each sample, on each instrument, but it could be done.

But.... when the "Browse For File" dialogue is shown NI have neglected to set the file name in the dialogue box. If the patch contains 2 or 3 samples this isn't a problem as you can see the names in the "Content Missing" dialogue. But the patch I want to load contains 64 samples which makes it totally impossible to manually load each files as there is no indication which sample it's currently looking for.

If you'd programmed this in C# then, if we're currently looking for "Kick Drum 04.wav", then before displaying the "openFileDialog" dialogue, it's as simple as saying:

string fileToFind = "Kick Drum 04.wav"

this.openFileDialog1.Filename = fileToFind

So my questions are:

  1. How can I get Kontakt to load the samples ? They are *ALL* in the same directory as the ".nki" file.
  2. Why does "Browse For Folder" do nothing ?
  3. Why are you not setting the file name when you prompt for a file ?
  4. Where do you actually store the file paths ? I'm quite happy to go and edit stuff manually (with a hex editor if need be)

At this point I think there's a bug in Kontakt as the samples are in the same folder as the ".nki", the paths shown in "Content Missing" are correct, "Browse For Folder" does nothing, and loading samples individually is impossible due the UI to giving no clue whatsoever which file it's currently asking you to locate.



  • Raptor Ramjet
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    Screenshots showing the "Content Missing" dialogue and DIR listing showing the file is there:

    n.b. The file name starts with spaces as the original WAV on the AKAI CDs starts with "_" characters. Chicken System Translator seems to replace all "_" with " ". But that's irrelevant to the fact that the "Content Missing" dialogue is showing the file name correctly... but not finding the file.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Raptor Ramjet I'm not sure with what tool you converted this AKAI sample CD. The functionability to import such formats were only available until Kontakt 5, but maybe someone out there can help.

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