Kontakt 7 - Low screen refresh rate on NVidia G-Sync displays

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On my NVidia G-Sync enabled display, the screen refresh rate is usually around 144 fps.

  • When I select the Kontakt 7 application, the refresh rate consistently drops to around 20 fps. When I select another app it returns to 144 fps.
  • Same issue with the Kontakt 7 VST within my DAW (Reaper 6).
  • If if I disable G-Sync the problem disappears. Ditto if I move Kontakt 7 to my other, non G-Sync monitor.
  • The problem didn't exist with Kontakt 6 or older versions. It worked smoothly on a G-Sync display.

This looks like a bug introduced in Kontakt 7...



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    Hey Richard, the best way to report a bug is to contact our support here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_kontakt Please include the result of your support tool. Thanks in advance.

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    Well, the best way to fix it is to fix it. Reporting here have advantage because other users (like me) see this and know that they're not alone with this problem.

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