Open an old FL project where Kontakt 5 was used

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I just found some old FL Studio projects, which contain Kontakt 5, when I open them today FL does not find me Kontakt. And does not link to the new Kontakt version...

If someone can help me, thank you very much

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Bléro As you may have noticed, this forum is in English only. Please write in English, you can use DeepL or Google Translate or other online translators. This is specified when you write a post and in our code of conduct. I've translated it this time.

    Now for your issue. Is Kontakt 5 installed on your current system? Also what is your operating system?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    You didn't get back to us. We’re closing this thread now. If you still need assistance on that topic, please get in touch here:

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