Absynth 5 presets sound different - loading old projects

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hi, i reload and re-save etc. all my old projects and this is very strange, i remember having this issue many years ago and when NI had a phone support the guy couldnt resolve the issue and said to save the preset seperately so this would happen, after this i mostly saved the presets before closing my DAW afaik. but even after this time (i can remember the project where i first encountered the issue) it seems not always to work?

i got a lot of projects where normally the DAW saves the state of the Absynth 5 instances, so i compare my old mp3s (sadly no stems...) and the fresh loaded projects and it is very randomly that presets are correct or not, sometimes it is in a project e.g. 8 out of 10 are correct, 2 sounds not. and so on.

did anyone encounter this issue?

i guess there is no solution as i also loaded the projects on a 5 and more year old o.g. hardware where the presets are also not correctly played...

very frustrating of course but well cannot change it and turn the time back.

thx for checking this out!



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    I had similar issue with Kontakt 6 player when I bought and scanned Kontakt 7.

    But to have one version of a program shifting instruments sometimes...

    I think I have an idea for this.

    First, make any project and then screenshot the entire project with the names of certain instruments you need.

    Then, next time you open the same project, open the screenshot as well to see if the instruments from the project match the project from the screenshot.

    Hope it helps.

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