Disk error in Kontakt 6

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Greetings, all;

So, I'm a composer working with big orchestra samples (ie: CineSamples brass, woodwinds and strings, choirs, Symphony Series full package, etc and planning to upgrade). I'm currently working from a laptop with external devices, specs are as follows:

Laptop: Asus S15 S533E / CPU: 11thGen Intel i7-1165G7 / RAM: 16GB / Int Storage: 500GB

Ext drives: WD MyPassport 264F 1TB (NTFS) / Crucial x6 1TB (ExFAT)

DAW: Cubase 12.0.4

The Crucial x6 is connected directly to the laptop via USB3 SS and the WD is connected to the USB3 SS - C in a USB C hub connected to the thunderbolt hub of my Apollo interface (which is connected to the laptop via thunderbolt. This doesn't matter that much though because I've run tests with both drives plugged in directly to the computer and the problem still persists. So, on to the problem.

It's a problem that's been discussed countless times, and I've used every piece of advise or step listed on those forums and nothing's been solved. We're talking about the disk parameter flashing red at 0%.

I have my libraries spread across the three drives and this problem only comes from the WD disk (formatted in NTFS, which should be correct). The internal drive and the Crucial (surprisngly formatted in ExFAT) give no error. Both external drives are excluded from antivirus exams, real-time protection disabled, and all folders containing libraries in the internal drive are also excluded from analysis.

When disk doesn't flash, it stays at 0% (Windows Resource Monitor also shows 0%, no matter how big things are, or how many samples I'm triggering at the same time), and when it starts flashing all samples cut off and Windows Resource Monitor jumps to a 100% of disk usage, stays there for certain amount of time and suddenly jumps back to 0% and Kontakt works as normal. This happens when doing playback and when exporting (monitoring the Windows Resource Monitor when doing the export you can actually see the jump to 100%).

It's actually very frustrating because it always interrupts the workflow and I always end up doing more than necessary exports because this suddenly happens, and it's very time consuming. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to avoid this. Thank you very much for your attention!

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  • Uwe303
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    so you have already played around with pre load buffer? Increase or decrease it, I'm not a great kontakt expert, i found, strangely, both has helped some people, decrease with external ssd's for example.

  • Loken141
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    Hi, I did try beforehand to increase it and to bypass it altogether. Bypassing was somewhat useful, but it became hard on the ram very fast, so it was a little counterproductive. Today I tried decreasing it, but it didn't help very much. I usually work at 24 kB.

    Thanks anyway for answering!

  • Uwe303
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    Have you tried to disable your network devices on the laptop while making music, go to network/devices, or something like that, and disable them all. Maybe you can also try to analyze with dpc latency monitor software. If that all does not help then you should exchange the internal drive with a big ssd.

  • Loken141
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    I will try that. Thank you very much, will let you know!

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    @Loken141 If that doesn't fix the issue and you want our Kontakt specialists to look into your issue, feel free to contact them here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_kontakt as it probably requires some more information on your system.

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