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Komplete Kontrol & Retrologue

Hi all,

If you get a moment, I'd be grateful if you could load Steinberg Retrologue into Komplete Kontrol as a plugin and see if you can select the Retrologue factory presets. In my setup, I can load factory presets in the standalone KK application, but not as a plugin. I'd like to know if this is my setup or a more general problem.

My workaround is to save a Retrologue factory preset as a user preset in KK standalone, then load that user preset when I use KK as a plugin. It works, but is a pretty clunky solution. Any thoughts on making this more efficient would be much appreciated.


  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 1,206 Pulse

    That’s how it has to be done as Steinberg is not NKS. I am working on a NKS library for it so next year there should be something.

  • Michael R Hughes
    Michael R Hughes Member Posts: 6 Sine

    Many thanks for your reply @JesterMgee. I'll look out for your NKS library.

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