Kontakt 7 crashes Logic when I try to do multiple outputs for drums



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    @ChampionBot Well, it's probably part of the problem. When an issue is 100% reproducible and on all systems it's usually easier to find the source of the issue and fix it.

    @Gee_Flat Unfortunately this also happens in other DAWs.

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    I’m experiencing the same issue. Unable to route drums through multiple outputs without out it causing Logic to crash.

    Nudging NI to get this fixed.

    Running logicProX

    Mac Studio / M1 / Ventura / 64GB Ram

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    Answer ✓

    The support team emailed me to try setting up the 16 multiple outputs before opening the 40's Very Own patchkit. I did this, and it worked. I emailed them back to let them know. I still wonder why the person on the tutorial video can do it without the pre-setup, though?

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    Same situation here, and I am using Reason.

    K7: systematic crash as soon as I fiddle with the output

    I tried with K6 also that I still have installed, I was able to reproduce what the guy in the video did with the 40s beat machine. The condition is to configure your outputs before you load the instrument otherwise, the instrument will not see the new outputs. For now, I am keeping with K6 at least until they fix K7!

    For those using Reason, In Kontact, Don't forget to attribute the output of the Kontakt out mix table to the channels outputs of the back of the rack's (seen when clicking 'optional inputs and outputs'), and then connect each output to the mixing channels of the main output table.

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    I have Ableton and Im going thourgh the same situation.

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