Constructive criticism ( MASSIVE X, Super 8, etc etc on our brand new Mac Studios Max and Ultra

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I want to make a constructive criticism, I have recently updated all the studio macs (mac pro 6.1) to the new mac studio m1max and ultra. We have reinstalled all the Ni material and we see how there are some bugs that you need to fix in the future, I will list them; MASSIVE X (arm), very Slow and Chunky GUI and not very agile when loading the synth every time, 3) Super 8, the same thing happens. 4) Kontact 7; the main window makes "clicks with red bands when changing instruments" In general these products load very Buggy and slow ( GUI ETC ETC) on high-end computers with many cores and 128 gb unified ram (we do not have third-party presets). Is there any updates on your roadmap for this in the future? Thank you


  • Nico_NI
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    Thank you for the feedback @Marcel. Did you make sure to have the latest version of these products? Massive X and Kontakt 7 have been updated recently.

    In this case it is performance/stability related, so pretty confident it can be improved with future updates.

    I'll make sure to share this comment to the teams though.

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    @Marcel what OS are you using?

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