Old Wordbuilder Plugin for EWQL Symphonic Choirs - still download- and usable?

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Hello all!

2007 I bought the East West Quantum Leap package including Symphonic Orchestra, Bösendorfer, RA Instruments and Symphonic Choirs. With Symphonic Choirs there was a plugin named WORDBUILDER and with the help of this tool I was able to create choirs that sung phrases, I wrote into this program.

Maybe some of you can remember...

Now some time passed by and I am really lucky, that I managed it to get all running on my Linux Ubuntu Machine. I am using EWQL package with DAW Reaper and Kontakt 6 Player from NI. Except the Wordbuilder thing...

I searched the internet after this topic and I read something about Play software from EastWest and OPUS plugin. But I am not really sure, if I can manage it to install a software, that enables Wordbuilder or something similar on my computer.

With the help of WINE it is not that hard to get Windows Software functioning on a Linux Machine. But my question is, if there is something that fits my needs and if it would cost any money? OPUS from EastWest costs money and I am not sure, if it works with Symphonic Choirs I bought 15 years ago...

So... I am really looking forward, would be great to create soundtracks with epic choirs again...

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