Add a NOT Filter or add plug-in controller to switch between mono and poly mode for all instruments

UdoBehm Member Posts: 73 Member
edited February 2022 in Komplete Kontrol

Good day,

would like you to add a filter in order it is possible to uncheck or unmark certain types or characters that the search results should NOT contain when selecting these criterias. Would like to filter out all monophonic instruments when I search for instruments. So far this cannot be easily achieved if I would like to have all other criterias in my search result in the KK browser.

Also would like to encourage you to a controller to all of the possible instruments to be able to quickly switch to polyphonic sound or to monophonic sound. Would like turning a monophonic instrument quickly in polyphonic mode and vice versa. Missung such a control(ler) in all of your instruments that either play monophonic or polyphonic by default.

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