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Hello, guys! I am running Windows 11 on a new PC. Just installed KOMPLETE Start bundle from Native Instruments. I've found a strange behavior of KOMPLETE Kontrol in Reaper DAW. I cannot say if it's a Reaper bug or a Komplete bug or a PC bug. This behavior is the same either with DirectSound or ASIO drivers.

Firstly, in stand-alone: KOMPLETE Kontrol is not working with any Instrument or Loop or One-shot, but REAKTOR 6 player is working and KONTROL 7 Player is also working with all the instruments. In Reaper DAW, KONTROL 7 Player works also fine with all the Instruments.

Secondly, when in Reaper DAW, KOMPLETE Kontrol triggers okay One-shots and Loops, but not the Instruments. By "not triggers" I mean that the instruments show up, the meter show a signal is sent/received when the PC keyboard is pressed, but cannot be heard.

More details: in Reaper are not working the KOMPLETE Sampled instruments (Kontakt Factory, Play Series and Kinetic Treats - and neither The Free Orchestra from ProjectSAM) and neither the Synthesizers: 1) Blocks Base and 2) Reaktor Factory Selection R2. Strangely though, I can trigger Space Drone ensemble from Reaktor Factory Selection R2, but not the other three (Carbon 2, Lazerbass and Newscool ensembles). And lastly, the Synthesizers named 3) Mikro Prism and 4) TRK-01 Bass from the Reaktor bundle are working fine. REAKTOR 6 has the same behavior in Reaper as KOMPLETE Kontrol.

And the last tip: BBC Symphonic from Spitfire Audio can be triggered in Reaper's KOMPLETE.

Surely, I can use Kontakt Player alternatively with Komplete Kontrol in my DAW. Still, overall I cannot use the synthesizers from Blocks Base bundle and Carbon 2, Lazerbass and Newscool. And the problem may be endemic with other Native Instruments. So, finally, do you have any idea of solving this issue? Thank you.


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    Reaktor 6 don't work with win 11 at the moment. Nico told us there comes a version in early 2023.

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